Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Our chair options and prices are as follows, keep in mind you can create the chair of your choice beyond the picures you see here and we will make it! Pick any name, color, theme, design and we'll do it! Kid Design has the ability to carve any name or image into your chair. We also do pretty much any furniture piece you can think of. Changing tables, dressers, frames, beds, cribs, Toddler beds, vanities, cabinets, - home remodels to custom builds! Trew Construction owns and operates Kid Design making us very versitile! Also check us out at and Facebook Trew Construction

Call to order! TRENT @ 801-380-5484

Tables come in rounds, rectangle, square. Can make any shape upon request.
Table sets $160-$250 (Range in price depending on finish and combinations of bench/chair/shape)
Tables can be sold seperately! $50-$85 (Depending on size, style & finish of table)

Themed Chairs $25.00-$30.00 (Range in price depending on carved designs)

Sports- Football, soccer, basketball, baseball, hockey, golf etc.
John Deer
School Teacher

Create your own idea!!

Stained $25
Painted chair $30

Unfinshed chair $18.00

Benches $25 - $30.00 (prices range depending on design chosen)

Changing Tables (Vary in price based upon detail and size, call for quote)

Portraits with custom quotes and custom built frames! There are so many possibilities with this new product! We foam board and canvas spray all our pictures. The pictures below are 16x20 portraits, total inches framed being 25x29. So yes, they are large, but can also be custom made to ANY size, color and many more frame designs! More pictures of our options coming soon!

We do the printing of the pictures and can tell you if a 16x20 is an option with your digital pictures you send! (Some resolutions aren't good enough, most are ok) If you already have a portrait printed we will foam board and canvas finish the exsisting.

Your able to choose the quotes, names, anything to be put on the portrait. Also you are able to choose the lettering color, placement, frame style, size, frame color/finish.

3 recipients of our custom framing orders for their precious daughters!

Also, custom framing with the Family Proclamation and The Living Christ are available. We can do them in many different languages, spanish being and example below. We do many didfferent frame designs, paint or stain finishes. The prints are a distressed design, can also be done with out any antique finish.

Size framed is about 20 x 14 in size, smaller prints available. Price varies depending on size. Please call for more information!

We custom frame anything. Ever have a hard time finding a frame to fit your unique sized print? Custom framing is your answer!

Other products include:
Toy Boxes w/ bench tops
Rocking Chairs
Picnic Tables
Growth Charts
Tables (Chairs above fit table size) max = 4 chairs per table

Want to know if something you have in mind can be made, give us a call and we'll let you know!!